Celectric Secure

No more surprises with Celectric Secure

Our long experience with traction batteries and charger is the fundament of our Celectric Secure program. A complete service package, which provides full insight in costs and services of maintenance for your energy supply. Celectric Secure will be an important contribution to maximise energy utilisation and effective cost management.

Transparent service package

The Celectric Secure program has a modular structure and offers you the possibility of a service package that meets your specific demands. All maintenance cares, work, and costs can be handed over to us, against fixed, clear tariffs per module. Within Celectric Secure all usual maintenance components, such as obliged safety inspections, cleaning and water topping of batteries (and chargers) are included.

Clear tariffs

We realise that tariffs with unclear principles are hard to monitor. This may result in unnecessary and complicated calculations, with the opportunity of disappointments afterwards. The modular Celectric Secure system is completely transparent for management. Clarity, during the entire contract. Within the modular system, there is differentiation of work and fleet size. Costs may be reduced to whatever you need.

Long term security

We offer a high level of service products and quality, which allows us to ensure competitive, fixed tariffs. Celectric Secure holds complete, all inclusive error management, from three to seven years. You are assured of  total energy guarantee  during the entire contract
During the contract, circumstances may change. Celectric Secures is very flexible and can be adjusted any time you want. Feel free to discuss your situation with your account manager of our service department.