Semi-traction / gel

Semi-traction battery

Continuous heavy duty of company vehicles demand special requirements to batteries. Nowadays, batteries need to be up against cyclical resistance and vibrations, but also good cold start capacity, maintenance comfort, and company insurance. Thereby, more and more electricity consumers can be found in cars and trucks, they also need their energy supply. The new semi-traction range is suitable for every vehicle, such as:
- trucks with tailgates
- company vehicles
- touring cars and busses
- refrigerated trucks
- agricultural trucks
- scissor lifts
- clean & scrub machines

The semi-traction batteries can meet up to 300 charge / discharge cycles, guaranteed!


- maintenance free, minimal water usage
- vibration proof, according to European Standards
- cycle resistance, guaranteed energy supply
- optimal combination of capacity and cold start power

Gel battery

Gel technology contributed to the production of sealed and thus complete maintenance free batteries. Diluted sulphuric acid combined with components-gel. Lack of cell openings prevent the leakage of fluids or acid. The battery is leak free and can be positioned in many ways. No more corrosion on metal parts of the vehicle. Fluid control is no longer necessary. Special alloy of plates reduce the self-discharge of the battery.